May 20, 2024

AI Tool Predicts Hold-Ups in Construction: Buildots' Delay Forecast

AI Tool Predicts Hold-Ups in Construction: Buildots' Delay Forecast

The construction industry is notorious for delays and budget overruns. Now, an innovative solution from Israeli technology company Buildots aims to change that narrative. Introducing the Delay Forecast tool, an AI-powered technology designed to predict and mitigate delays in construction projects before they escalate.

How Delay Forecast Works

The Delay Forecast tool uses artificial intelligence to monitor construction activities, flagging those at risk of falling behind schedule. By quantifying these risks, it provides projections of potential delays and recommends corrective measures to keep projects on track. This proactive approach enables project managers to address issues before they become critical.

Key Features of Delay Forecast

  1. Risk Identification: The tool identifies activities that are likely to experience delays, giving project managers early warnings.
  2. Delay Projections: It quantifies the risks by providing detailed projections of forecasted delays.
  3. Corrective Recommendations: The tool suggests measures to mitigate and prevent delays.
  4. Interactive Adjustments: Users can input new pace assumptions and see how they impact the project timeline, allowing for real-time strategy revisions.
  5. Weekly Risk Tracking: Project teams can track risk trends on a weekly basis, assessing the impact of their decisions and making necessary adjustments.

The Research Behind the Tool

Buildots developed the Delay Forecast tool after conducting extensive research on construction site activities. Their findings revealed that 62% of activities consistently run slower than planned, with 25% operating at half their intended pace. These delays often go unnoticed until they have significantly impacted the project timeline. Critical activities, even when regularly performed poorly, tend to escape immediate attention, exacerbating the problem.

Benefits for Construction Project Managers

The Delay Forecast tool offers several benefits for construction project managers:

  • Proactive Management: By predicting potential delays, managers can take preventive actions early.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The ability to see the impact of different pace assumptions allows for better-informed decisions.
  • Improved Efficiency: With weekly risk tracking, project teams can continuously improve their strategies and responses.
  • Cost Savings: Mitigating delays before they occur helps avoid the costs associated with project overruns.

Buildots' Delay Forecast tool represents a significant advancement in construction project management. By leveraging artificial intelligence, it provides a proactive approach to delay mitigation, helping project managers keep their projects on schedule and within budget.

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