July 18, 2023

Aggreko and McAlpine: Pioneering Green Construction with an 85% Reduction in Crane Fuel Consumption

Aggreko and McAlpine: Pioneering Green Construction with an 85% Reduction in Crane Fuel Consumption

The construction industry is embracing a new era of sustainability, where innovation and collaboration drive significant reductions in energy consumption and emissions. In a remarkable display of eco-conscious partnership, Aggreko and McAlpine have joined forces to achieve an astounding 85% reduction in crane fuel consumption. Through a series of meticulous field trials and forward-thinking strategies, these industry leaders are redefining construction practices, demonstrating that progress and sustainability can go hand in hand.

A Journey of Collaboration and Innovation

Since 2021, Aggreko and McAlpine have embarked on a groundbreaking journey of collaboration. This joint effort aims to uncover opportunities for enhancing energy efficiency and minimising emissions during construction. The field trials have served as a testing ground for innovative solutions that align with the industry's growing commitment to sustainable practices. The results of their efforts have been nothing short of extraordinary, redefining the possibilities of green construction.

The Power Behind the Savings

The remarkable 85% reduction in crane fuel consumption achieved by Aggreko and McAlpine is a testament to the power of cutting-edge technologies and strategic planning. Several key elements contributed to this exceptional achievement:

  1. Smaller Generators: By using smaller, more efficient generators, the teams were able to provide the necessary power to on-site tower cranes while significantly reducing fuel consumption.
  2. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS): The incorporation of BESS technology enabled efficient energy storage and distribution, further minimising the reliance on traditional fuel sources.
  3. Biofuels: Leveraging biofuels as an alternative energy source not only contributed to lower emissions but also showcased the potential for transitioning to more sustainable fuel options.
  4. Strategic Planning: The success of the initiative lies in meticulous planning and coordination, ensuring that each aspect of the project was optimised for energy efficiency.
Impressive Savings and Environmental Benefits

The results of the field trials speak volumes about the potential for sustainable construction practices:

  1. Fuel Savings: The collaborative efforts of Aggreko and McAlpine culminated in a staggering reduction of 87,300 liters of fuel consumption. This not only translates into significant cost savings but also demonstrates the viability of greener alternatives.
  2. Emission Reduction: The reduction of over 234 tonnes of emissions showcases a substantial commitment to environmental stewardship. This reduction is a vital step towards a more sustainable construction industry.
  3. 85% Consumption Reduction: The most impressive statistic of all: an 85% reduction in crane fuel consumption. This achievement sets a precedent for future construction projects, inspiring the industry to aim higher in terms of sustainability.
A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future

The partnership between Aggreko and McAlpine serves as an inspiring blueprint for the construction industry's transition to sustainable practices. By embracing innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge technologies, companies can drive substantial reductions in energy consumption and emissions. The field trials' success not only demonstrates the potential for change but also highlights the imperative role of industry leaders in pioneering a greener, more eco-conscious construction landscape.

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