Joanne Bull
Senior Consultant

Joanne Bull

Jo is our Social Value and Education expert, bringing 33 years' working in the Education sector, including as a former Headteacher.

Jo is our dedicated social value and education expert - working as a Senior Consultant and providing an in-house peer review of WeBid's social value responses. She is an asset to our team and provides our clients with a competitive edge - particularly as social value accounts for some of the highest weighting tender responses in recent years. Jo applies her experience and knowledge of Government and local authority education and skills drivers. This includes working as a former Headteacher in schools with high levels of deprivation - with a strong focus on prevention of young people Not in Education or Employment and creating opportunities for vulnerable children such as Care Leavers.

Jo brings the additional added benefits of transferable leadership, writing, evaluation, and critical thinking skills. She is also fluent in Spanish and French as a former Head of Languages - skills that have allowed her to communicate effectively and translate documents when working with major European clients.

Jo has expanded her skills further through our continual professional development programme - focusing on Health, Safety and Wellbeing training. Jo is now our Health, Safety and Wellbeing lead writer, enabling us to offer specialist writing services to our clients.


  • iOSH Managing Safely
  • H&S for Managers
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