Chris Northcote
Technical Director

Chris Northcote

Chris is our lead Technical Writer; playing a pivotal role in supporting WeBid and our clients with their technical requirements, including written submissions, presentations, models and IT infrastructure.

Chris is our lead Technical Writer, working closely with project teams to transfer technical solutions and methodology into a compelling narrative. He has the excellent communication and organisation skills required to merge technical inputs from large multidisciplinary, multi-organisation teams into a cohesive, winning response – drawing on transferable skills from his previous role project managing large exhibitions and events across the globe.

Chris is also highly skilled in 3D modelling, animation and development of bespoke bid graphics and client / Joint Venture branding. He has developed BIM 'flythroughs' to enhance post-tender presentations on high profile, strategic bids, as well as supporting client teams in preparation and training for presentations.

As our Technical Director, Chris is also responsible WeBid’s IT infrastructure, applying two decades of experience to ensure our hardware, software, processes and systems remain fit for purpose, secure and efficient.


  • BSc Computing
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