Smart Motorways Programme

Smart Motorways Programme

The Scope of Services are to deliver design development and construction of the M62 J10-12 (Tranche 4) and M27 J4-11 improvement schemes within the National Highways Smart Motorways Programme.

Working in joint venture with two major civils contractors, We Bid Consult successfully secured our Clients onto National Highways SMP for the M62 J10-12 and M27 J4-11.

Throughout this tender WeBid was located in our Clients office, truly embedding myself as part of the tender delivery team. WeBid worked collaboratively with both our Clients Civil Engineers, strategic directors, dedicated We Bid Consult team and other external writers to ensure the successful completion of both these tenders.

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Tender Value
£104 million
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Key Features
  • Long term project
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Collaborative and co-located working with project teams
  • Joint venture
  • Traffic management
  • Complex stakeholder and community engagement
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Tender Period

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