Relocation of the College of Health Science and Society - Southern Construction Framework (SCF)

Relocation of the College of Health Science and Society - Southern Construction Framework (SCF)

The University of West England (UWE) – Relocation of the College of Health Science and Society-Southern Construction Framework (SCF)

In pursuit to provide the best facilities to train a modern healthcare workforce, UWE is relocating its School of Health and Social Wellbeing from the Glenside campus to the Frenchay Campus. This strategic relocation provides the opportunity to design a facility that brings to life the vision for the future success of the School, and to enhance its outstanding learning and teaching, practice led research and partnerships across the region and beyond. The scheme looks to create an Integrated Care Academy (ICA), poised to drive innovation in patient-centric, sustainable healthcare, social care, and wellbeing models. This project also aligns seamlessly with the university’s broader Campus Life project, ensuring healthcare students benefit from an environment that is vibrant, interconnected, and inclusive.

WeBid have a longstanding valued relationship with our client, and we integrated seamlessly to work as a unified team between their office and our Sheffield-based office. Heading up this collaboration was our Operations Director Samantha Hilton, who expertly managed and coordinated the bid from inception to completion. Sam’s proficient leadership included organising and leading face-to-face meetings to gather detailed insights from technical leads and facilitating interactive workshops focused on key bid components.  Design was a critical aspect of this bid, an area where Sam excels. Her motivational and challenging style ensured the vision remained an integrator across the entire tender, consistently raising the bar for our submission.

Other priority areas of the submission were Social Value (SV) and Carbon Reduction. WeBid demonstrated meticulous attention to detail in understanding tender requirements, collaborating closely with our client’s technical experts to gather critical information, and offering innovative solutions and initiatives to create a standout submission.

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Tender Value
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Key Features
  • Live Education environment
  • Creation of an Integrated Care Academy (ICA)
  • Complex stakeholder engagement
  • Collaborative and co-located working with client teams
  • Construction and refurbishment
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Tender Period
ITT September – November 2023

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