NHS Shared Business Services Ltd (NHS SBS)

NHS Shared Business Services Ltd (NHS SBS)

NHS SBS are the market leader in corporate services for the NHS, providing innovative Finance & Accounting (F&A), Procurement, Employment Services (ES) and Innovation & Technology Services (ITS), which deliver operational efficiencies, improved service quality and real cost savings for our clients. Most importantly they are proud to be part of the NHS family.

WeBid have successfully tendered multiple disciplines and lots for various clients including civil and structural, health planning and buildings. Using experienced writers from our team, we supported clients in securing their place on various NHS SBS frameworks. A key challenge of these tenders was the tight word count on each question. Our bid writing team interviewed subject matter experts; researched all required industry standards and requirements; and used our client's previous responses to write compellingly responses which conveyed the required information while reaching the top scoring criteria.

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Key Features
  • Government framework
  • Healthcare
  • Long-term client relationship
  • Blue light
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2020 - Ongoing

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